Here is the final video from Compassion this week — and what a great one it is.  You will see a wonderful young man, giving back to children in the same way that people helped him.  His story was really powerful for me to hear.


Here is yet another great video from Compassion International — it’s shocking to see how completely this man’s life was changed when he was sponsored.


This video from Compassion is interesting because it’s not told from the viewpoint of the child; it’s told from the mother’s viewpoint. It’s very moving to see the difference Compassion made in her family’s life!


Here is another very compelling story regarding a young Burmese man in a Compassion project in Thailand. I love this story, especially considering my family’s history in Burma.

Future Music

People ask me what I’m planning to do, now that I’m retired from BHS as the accompanist.  Well, I won’t be playing 200 pieces of music per year, but I’ll still be involved in some way.  I’ve been studying jazz at Sheridan College and hope to continue playing with the ensembles there.  I also hope to play with jazz combos here in Buffalo, and will certainly be playing for worship services from time to time.  As I said earlier, I can sit at the piano and play only for myself and the Lord for hours at a time.  The piano won’t be completely silent, and hopefully someone better than me will be playing this one.

2016-05-22 18.00.40_500

I’ve always been interested in jazz music.  Years ago, on a cruise with my parents and husband, I was practicing in a lounge during the day and didn’t realize one of the members of the professional jazz band was listening.  He asked me to join their set that evening and I did.  We had a blast.

2016-05-08 17.59.13_500

Here are some recent pics of moments with local jazz musicians.

Jazz band 4_500


I even ended up in the news with the Sheridan College Jazz Band.  Let’s keep this going, friends!