Compassion Youth Choir

Here is Kirk Franklin’s virtual youth choir with Compassion kids all around the world.  This was quite an honor for these kids, and they did a great job!

Yordano’s Story

Here is another story about children in Kirk Franklin’s virtual choir.  What beautiful youth these are, and how talented and special each one is!

Dieudonne’s Story

Here is the story of another child that had the opportunity to sing with Kirk Franklin’s virtual choir.  Dieudonne lives in Togo.

Kakama’s Audition

Here is another Compassion child who was chosen to sing in a virtual choir with Kirk Franklin.  Powerful stories here, bringing out the natural musical gifts of these children!

Yshara’s Audition

Kirk Franklin gathered several Compassion kids from around the world in a special virtual choir.  Here is one of the girls talking about her audition to sing with Kirk Franklin.

Midwest Friends

One of the best parts about returning to Kansas City and Lawrence, KS, was seeing friends.  We stayed at the home of one of my Sorority sisters, and we also visited a friend that we knew from Wyoming, but whom Sarah spent a lot of fun times with at church camp.  These friendships are priceless!

Return to Lawrence Kansas

Sarah and I had an opportunity to return to Lawrence, home of Kansas University, this fall.  We had a fantastic time together!  I love these beautiful homes that can be seen throughout this wonderful college town.


We also got to stop by our favorite pizza place from her college days — Papa Keno’s — where the pizza slices are huge!

Jackson Hole Sites

Chris did make the summit of the Grand Teton with his friends this summer (second time for him). I certainly enjoyed the valley on my own, but when he returned we enjoyed more awesome views together.  Here are some of the sites we saw, with much praise to our Creator for this incredible beauty!