What Is Compassion?

Today’s film explains exactly who Compassion is and what we do.  I hope you’ll take the time to watch this very informative film.

Market Signs

Here are the final photos of signs from our trip to northern Spain.  I hope you have a feel for the culture and beauty of that country now.  We certainly loved our trip there, and will certainly go back again if we get the chance.

Signs on the Bike Path

Here are some of the signs we saw along the bike path in Spain.  I know that many of you, oddly, are very fascinated with the sign pics I post from trips, so here you go!  The Senda Del Oso is very well marked and easy to follow.  It goes through several villages as well as into the countryside, through tunnels and along mountain streams.

Railway Tunnels

One of the most interesting things about our mountain bike ride in Spain was the many tunnels we saw along the way.

There were many various types of tunnels.

This one was scary because it was nearly pitch dark in places, and other bikers were going past me quickly.

Some areas had beautiful rocky overhangs like this one.

Obviously, I stopped often to take photos of tunnels.

This was the original railway line for the mines, and I’m so glad they turned it into a wonderful bike trail.

I will definitely ride this bike trail again, if I ever get to go back again, hopefully with Paul next time.

Bears, Dogs and Cows

Here are some of the sites along the Senda del Oso–the bike ride we took in the mountains near Oviedo, Spain.

They actually have a small zoo along the pathway featuring the type of bears that inhabit the mountains there.

We didn’t see any wild bears but I did see a wild boar in a yard.  We also saw cows with bells, such as you would see in Switzerland or Germany.

The villages and houses were all so interesting to see.

This was a little picnic area with stone bike racks.

I loved these unique stone stairs, too.

We saw these friendly dogs that were out for a stroll with their family.

It was truly a beautiful and fun day!


Bike Ride in Spain

One of our favorite activities in Spain was the bike ride we took in the mountains.  The Senda del Oso runs 25 miles on an old mining rail line through the mountains above Oviedo.  There are several tunnels, which I’ll feature in a later post.  We had a wonderful day on rental bikes, and thoroughly enjoyed the views along the way.  These are some of the many granaries we saw along the way.

The countryside was beautiful and we had great weather all day!

We came across this small church with an interesting cemetery behind it.

We stopped for lunch in a small village and found the food to be delicious.

Chris and Sarah each bought a frozen fruit bar.

Then we headed on up the path nearly to the end, when we had to return to get the rental bikes turned in.

More granaries along the way.

I’ll show more scenes from the bike ride on the next blog post.