Please, Somebody Rescue the Baby!

We just returned from Yellowstone National Park this week.  Black BearWhat a strange day it was in the Park.  Not only did we see lots of Bison, Elk and Deer, but also 5 Bears (2 were cubs), Mountain Goats with babies, Wolves with pups, Antelope fighting head to head, and a Big Horn Sheep.  I’ve been going to Yellowstone for years, and have never seen all these animals at once before.  [We also saw moose with babies in Jackson Hole].

Help!We saw a very sad site though — a Coyote was following a baby Bison; no Mother in site.  He followed him up and down a meadow, back and forth, across gullies and back.  The Bison managed to kick the Coyote occasionally, and charge it once or twice, but didn’t frighten it enough to deter its mission.  We didn’t stay long enough to see the outcome.  But we did see the Bison walk right up to a photographer (5 feet from us) and put his nose up to his knee.  Help me, please!The Coyote followed him right up to the man as well.  I was so hoping the man would swoop that baby Bison up into his arms and go find the Mother!  Instead, the hopeless journey continued.

I couldn’t help but think of the hungry children around the world, being shadowed by the Enemy of our souls.  Without someone to rescue them, they will certainly be crushed.  Sometimes he shadows them with no intention to attack quite yet; he just tries to wear them out.

Children He tells them they aren’t important, or don’t have any reason to live.  He makes them see their future as hopeless.  But rescue is possible.  One of the reasons we left the scene early was in order to keep hoping that perhaps the Bison did find a way back to its Mother.  Perhaps one of the bystanders did step up and rescue him.  Maybe the coyote was only playing with him, and tired of the game himself.

We do have an opportunity to rescue the needy children of the world.  Their lives aren’t hopeless or meaningless.  They have bright futures when they’re provided meals, immunizations, health care and education.  They need someone to step up and give them that opportunity to be rescued from the Enemy, and to tell them that their lives matter.  You and I can do that, and as you know, I’m talking about the ministry of Compassion International.  Please pray about sponsoring a child today. I, for one, can’t just stand by and watch the enemy attack these precious little ones.  Here is a link in this sentence:  please, somebody RESCUE THE CHILDREN!

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