Sponsor Visits and Wordles

There was a lot of discussion this week on the Compassion Blog about sponsor tours and visits with children.  So I thought I would entitle this Wordle “Sponsor Visits.”  This visit relates to a trip that a friend and I took to the Dominican Republic this past January.  It was truly a life-changing experience for both of us, and if you take a close look at the Wordle, you’ll see why.  I have also blogged about the trip, so make sure you check out this story about Mindy and Oscar.  Click on the image to make it larger.

“Sponsor Visits” by Juli Jarvis  

I have some other good Wordles this week as well.  Here is one by David Ker called “Cyber-Psalms 1-27.”  This is a reference to the “Cyber-Psalms” he has been writing every week — check them out at here — they’re wonderful!

“Cyber-Psalms 1-27” by David Ker

Finally, I have another great Wordle from Alyssa of Plans for Hope.  This represents the Passion World Tour.

“Passion World Tour” by Alyssa

Please send me Wordles for next week!  Click the link on the right for instructions!

Happy Wordling!


One thought on “Sponsor Visits and Wordles

  1. Chris says:

    Wordles are cool!

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