Child Advocates — Tear Down This Wall!

A great wall often exists between the rich and the poor.  Poverty is not a pleasant sight, and is not an easy problem to solve.  Many people would rather build walls around it than look closely at the complexity of the poverty wheel.  The wall needs to come down so we can see that 30,000 children are dying every day from preventable causes.  Who will speak up for them?  See here bright faces of children that have been rescued, because they have a sponsor through Compassion International.

Child Advocates — Tear Down This Wall!  Speak Up For Children In Need!

80% of Pastors have never given a sermon about poverty.  Why?  Don’t they know that we need the poor as much as they need us?  We need their joy, contentment and prayers.  Without them, we die in greed, as Compassion International’s President, Wess Stafford, has said many times.  Bringing down this wall will help us deal with our own greed, materialism and selfishness.  We need the wall to come down, too.

Child Advocates — Tear Down This Wall!  We Need Deliverance As Well!

I was in a poor home in the Dominican Republic recently.  Several children crowded around us in the tiny home, and never once begged for anything from us.  They smiled for the camera, hugged often, chased the bubbles we had brought for play, and told us their dreams.  It was not until we asked the mother what she fed these children that we discovered they had no food in the house; no propane.  They had nothing to eat.  I immediately asked our guide, “If I give you some pesos, will you feed these children today?”  You may want to read the rest of the story here.  My point?  People readily give when the need is right before us.

Child Advocates — Tear Down This Wall!  Reveal The Needs!

More than 10 million children die every year from preventable causes, such as malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, pneumonia and diarrhea.   Most of these children die before they reach their 5th birthday; in Haiti, they often don’t even name a child until he reaches this milestone.    Six million children under five die every year from malnutrition.  Compassion’s Child Survival Program is addressing this issue.  Mothers need to be educated about the dangers of untreated water, mosquitos, lack of proper hygiene and poor eating habits.  They also need financial support for food, safe drinking water, medications, clean linens and clothing.  Social workers visit the homes, assess the needs and educate care-givers on these topics.  It’s an outstanding program, and it works.

Child Advocates — Tear Down This Wall!  Speak Up For the Little Ones!

Every 30 seconds a child dies from malaria alone.  A malaria net through Compassion’s Bite Back Campaign costs only $10.00, and it WORKS.  Imagine how many children can sleep under one net, and how far your support can reach!  We can end the threat of malaria completely in our world — it’s only a matter of time and financial support.  

Child Advocates — Tear Down This Wall!  Rescue Children From Malaria!

One of the greatest losses of children dying from poverty is the benefit they could have been to society if they had escaped the cycle of poverty.  Here are young adults that were given the opportunity to reach their potential.  Through child sponsorship they were given an education, meals, immunizations, spiritual discipleship and health care.  They followed their dreams, received education through University studies, became servant leaders and now want to give back by helping others in need.  These are some of Compassion’s Leadership Development Students in the Dominican Republic.  Soon they will be Teachers, Doctors, Accountants, Diplomats, Engineers and more.  They will change their society for good.

Child Advocates — Tear Down This Wall!  Bring Healing and Purpose To Those In Need!


2 thoughts on “Child Advocates — Tear Down This Wall!

  1. Abbie says:

    I loved this post Juli. There are clear, solid ways to get involved listed out right here. No one can say there isn’t a way to get involved.

    Haven’t talked much lately. I hope you are getting well rested since your trip. Sending hugs your way!

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