Can You Find My Sponsor For Me?

img_39601The Compassion Blog recently had some really great photos of children reading their sponsor letters.  This reminded me of some photos I have from trips to the Dominican Republic.  It seems that in every project we visited, children just “happened” to have their sponsor’s photo or letter in their pockets!  So I wanted you to see this.  


These girls showed us letters their sponsors had sent to them, and they were writing letters back while we were there.  


This girl received a special Christmas card from her sponsor, and she had brought it to show to us.






02-dr-251-071Many times, a child would approach us with a photo clutched in their hand, and ask if we knew this person. They wanted us to go home, find their sponsor, and thank them. Do you suppose they carry that photo in their pocket every time they hear a visitor is coming from the United States?  Here is one of the boys that stopped me in the hallway to see if I could thank his sponsors for him.

If you do not sponsor a child yet, please click the photo on the left and it will direct you to several children in need of sponsors.  You have no idea how important you will become in this young life.  You can truly give them new hope for their future, and a friend for life.


One thought on “Can You Find My Sponsor For Me?

  1. Abbie says:

    It’s amazing how we as people tend to believe that-maybe, just maybe someone will know who we are looking for-not realizing just how many people there are. I couldn’t imagine what goes through their minds about our country and the world in general. We have so much access to information about other countries that we have to avoid so much to really get the attitude of-“I don’t see it, I don’t have to deal with it”. It’s sad really.

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