Great Quotes — One

This is a new feature for me — each week I will list some of the best quotes I’ve seen throughout the week.  The sources may surprise you, as they may come not only from blogs, but also from books I’m reading, scriptures, letters, newspapers, children, and audio communication.  In most cases, you can click the quote to be directed to the specific source.  So — enjoy this week’s Great Quotes! 

Well there are two things we can be certain about: God does have a plan for these kids and we can pray for them. Perhaps someday we will all be gathered in Heaven and these two fine lads will learn that God’s plan for them was unleashed because you chose to post a story and a photo of them. Won’t that be cool.  — Compassion Dave, in response to “Mt. Everest.”

During the hours of my sleep, how will he prepare to use my obedience, service, and speech when morning breaks?  I go to sleep to get out of the way for awhile.  I get into the rhythm of salvation. — Eugene. H. Peterson 

I have heard nothing from you…for a long time.  I know not who are living, nor who are gone into the eternal world.  Nor do I know whether my sister is living or not…I have made application for the pension, but having lost my discharge and all other papers when my house was burned in Colrain, I failed for want of evidence.  If I can get your affidavit by the bearer, I shall undoubtedly obtain it.  I should be very glad of an interview with you, and to recognize the dangers, the difficulties and the privations that we endured together at Saratoga, at White Marsh, at Valley Forge an at Monmouth, which appear now like a dream.  I shall soon quit this transitory world, this world of sin and sorrow.  I hope for a better world, and I wish that we may meet in that happy world.  –My 5th great-grandfather, Samuel Eddy, in a letter dated August 13, 1819

Before the malaria intervention of Compassion provided children of the development center with mosquito nets in September 2008, 55 cases of malaria were reported in the prior six months when the very first child of the student center was registered.  –Paul Henri Kabore


5 thoughts on “Great Quotes — One

  1. its all coming back to me now (I think my brain is melting…)

  2. Abbie says:

    Great quotes Juli! I was especially intrigued by your great grandfather’s words in his letter. It’s amazing how the way we speak has changed over the years. I’m sure that letter is cherished very much!

  3. Lukewarm says:

    Truly are great. Especially because it coming from people like me.

  4. Your great grandfather fought in the battle of Monmouth (that’s where I live). Thank you Mr. Eddy…appreciate your sacrfice.

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