Can’t Say “No” to These Faces!

Look at these faces!  Normally the child packets I get in the mail from Compassion International are somber faces, shy faces or frightened ones.  These are actually smiling!  They still have tattered shoes and clothes; still have very little food for their bellies; still have communities filled with poverty, AIDS, crime and high infant mortality rates, but they smiled for the camera.  These are the types of things we see when we visit the children in person.  They are just like any other child — they have personalities, laughter, quirky stories to tell, struggles with figuring out who they are among their peers.

You are doubly blessed today — not only are they smiling for you, but these three happen to be available to sponsor.  


Sarayda was born Nov. 10, 1999

Sarayda was born Nov. 10, 1999

Sorayda lives with her parents in El Salvador and helps with various duties around the home.  She attends church and Bible classes.  Of course, like any girl her age, she likes to play dolls and hide-and-seek.  Her father is sometimes employed as a laborer. 


One thing that I noticed about Sorayda’s bio is that her performance in school is “above average.”  What could she become if she had an education?  Could she be a teacher, nurse or lawyer?  Would she qualify for Compassion’s Leadership Development Program if given a chance?  What will be her future if she is not supported through Compassion’s ministry?  

Unfortunately, girls in her country (and elsewhere) are not always safe, even in their own homes and neighborhoods.  That’s why she needs a safe place to study, learn about Jesus, have her health needs met and become all that God intends her to be.  Here is a beautiful story about opportunities available for sponsored children in El Salvador.  


Tepenoi was born November 13, 2000

Tepenoi was born Nov. 13, 2000

Tepenoi lives with her father and mother, who are sometimes employed as farmers in Kenya.  She also attends church activities regularly, and her performance is also “above average.”  She can become anything she dreams, with some support for her education and with her medical care, social skills, spiritual foundation and nutritional needs met.  Could she become a Social Worker, Sunday School Teacher, Doctor or Engineer?  I’ll never forget hearing Wess Stafford share about one of his own sponsored children that he met.  The child was particularly afraid to cross the rickety bridge that he had to use in his village — he even asked Wess and his family to pray about this concern.  When he grew up, he had some news for Wess:  “I’m studying to be an Engineer, and guess what?  I fixed that bridge.”  Sponsorship really changes these children, and not only their own lives, but their families and communities as they grow to be positive, healthy, contributing members of their world.

God has special plans for Tepenoi, too, but she needs help to realize those dreams and the potential that God placed inside her.  Here is a wonderful story about another girl in Kenya with exceptional intelligence and abilities.  


Richarle was born Jan. 21, 1995

Richarle was born Jan. 21, 1995

This brings us to Richarle.  He helps his parents in Brazil by buying or selling in the market, and by running errands.  His father is employed, and his mother is also employed as a laborer at times, but they have five children in the family and the needs are great.  Richarle attends Bible class regularly and has average performance.  Like most boys his age, he enjoys soccer, swimming and volleyball.

What stood out about his child packet to me (besides the smile)?  This young man is 14 years old, a dangerous age for boys in his country.  So many get involved in gangs, alcohol, drugs and abuse of young girls as they enter their teen years.  How can we be sure that Richarle will grow to become a responsible husband and father?  Give him a chance to complete his education, to study about Jesus, to hang out with friends that will have a positive influence upon him.  Give him a chance to eat regular meals, to have his medical needs taken care of, to learn how to relate properly with others.  I don’t know why Richarle, an older child, is on the sponsor need list right now.  Did he lose a former sponsor that passed away or quit sponsoring him?  Did he recently move to a new area of his country?  Has he not been able to get a sponsor previously?  Is the family in such dire straits that they are desperate to turn things around for their children?  I don’t know, but I know we can entrust him into the hands of God and into the hands of the Compassion workers of his town.  Here is a great story that reveals the dangers that boys often face in their teen years in Brazil.

Which child would you like to sponsor today?  Just drop me a note ( and I will send the precious child packet of your choice.  It’s only $32.00/month — imagine that!  Less than what you would spend on pop or gourmet coffee per day.  Less than a couple CD’s or an occasional new pair of shoes.  

Sponsor a child and you can start writing to them immediately, and become their new best friend!  Well, believe it or not, they also become YOUR new best friend, and I have a feeling these three are extra special!


3 thoughts on “Can’t Say “No” to These Faces!

  1. little i says:

    Those are some cute children! I already sponsor one, a girl in Mexico. Faces like those make me want to sponsor more!

  2. Tina says:

    Such beautiful smiles…I pray you are able to find sponsors for all of them very soon!

  3. Jill says:

    Love those smiles!!! Especially Tepenoi….I wish I could sponsor them all!

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