A Year on Hold

I can’t begin to describe how much this concept of choosing a single word theme for the year has meant to me this year.  Perhaps you would like to pray about it and ask God to give you a word for 2010.  As Chris said in the Compassion Blog, “…you’re not choosing a word.  The Holy Spirit is giving it to you…It helps me stay connected with Christ and His plans for me throughout the year.”

My word for 2009 was “Hold.”  I could not believe all the ways God used it in my life this year.  I kept a whole notebook of quotes I came across in scriptures, books, songs, sermons and other sources.  I’m not going to type out all of the complete phrases I recorded in my notebook — it would be too much — but here are some of the ways the word has been used.

Hold ♥ Held ♥ Holding ♥ Hold Fast ♥ Lives on Hold ♥ Hold Back ♥ Behold ♥ Beheld ♥ Holds ♥ Hold Onto ♥ Hold on ♥ Hold the Faith ♥ Hold our Confidence ♥ Hold up in Prayer ♥ Holding Back ♥ Hang On ♥ Withhold ♥ Hold Us ♥ Hold Me ♥ Hold the Rope ♥ Hold Together ♥ Held Together ♥ Held Fast ♥ Holds Out ♥ Strongholds ♥ The Lord My Stronghold ♥ Uphold ♥ Hold Tight ♥ Upholding ♥ Held Captive ♥ Hold Firmly ♥ Hold You Back ♥ Withholding ♥ To Have & To Hold ♥ Holding up to Contempt ♥ A Firm Hold ♥ Hold a Grudge ♥ Take Hold ♥ Hanging on Tight ♥ Hold Me Fast ♥ Lay Hold of ♥ Hold Your Ground ♥ Handholds ♥ Take Hold of Promises ♥ Taken Hold Of ♥ Holdin’ On ♥ Holds Promise ♥ Household ♥ Foothold ♥ Upholds ♥ Hold Things Loosely ♥ The Hold of a Ship ♥ A Hold on Reality ♥ Holding Promise ♥ Hold Mirrors ♥ Hold These Truths ♥ Hold Your Own Ground ♥ Holds the Power of Death ♥ Take Hold of Eternal Life♥

God has used this word in a powerful WAY for me this year.  It truly has helped me focus less on myself and more on what He is saying to me.  I’ve learned to TAKE HOLD of His promises, HOLD BACK on my impulsiveness, deal with STRONGHOLDS, and HOLD ONTO His love, wisdom and sufficiency in all WAYS.  I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for me.  He has already been flooding my mind and journal with examples of next year’s word for me, and I’ve got my 2010 notebook ready to go — eager to see all the WAYS He speaks to me about HIS WAYS (as opposed to MY WAYS) in 2010.

Can you guess what my new word is?


2 thoughts on “A Year on Hold

  1. Jill Foley says:

    This is awesome to see how many WAYS God used the word Hold for you this past year! I am excited to do this and your write-up reminded me to go get a notebook for my word. I’ve already been learning so much and it isn’t even 2010 yet!

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