A Surprise Sponsor

Well, the time came to say good-bye.  I’m thankful we had the time to hang out with these three.  Sometimes a photo of a child doesn’t reveal all the personality, silliness and need that is hiding behind their sweet eyes.  Even now, we have only brushed the surface of these kids’ lives.  There were many other questions I would like to have asked.

What is your home like?

How do you spend your days?

What do you eat each day?

Do you babysit children even younger than yourself?

Are there job opportunities for your parents?

What are the serious health needs of yourself, or of others in your family?

Do you have secret pain and heartaches, hunger or danger in your home?

Are you happy?

Actually, I do not need to ask, because God knows the answers and will undertake for each child.  These children are blessed to have been registered for Compassion’s sponsorship program.  They will receive meals, immunizations and health care, as well as the nutritional, social and educational attention they need.  They will learn technical skills that they can use as adults.  They will learn how to make their own contributions to society, and to provide for their own families.  They will be taught about the love of God and how He works in the lives of their own teachers, social workers and older children in the child development center. In other words, they will be given LIFE on many different levels — physically, economically, socially and spiritually.

And so, we said our farewells and hugged them each one last time.

Then Ken disappeared — I’m not sure if he walked home on his own, or if someone took him in a vehicle.  Mod-Dang and Film climbed on the back of a motorcycle with Film’s mother and were quickly on their way home, too.

Film has a family to sponsor her now, a family with three daughters.  What fun they will have sharing photos and letters in the years to come!  Ken does not have a sponsor yet, but I’m not worried about him.  God will provide, I’m certain.  And Mod-Dang?  Well, guess what — I’m his new sponsor!  I received confirmation from the Lord yesterday, when these words jumped off the pages of my Bible study:

My hand will support him, and my arm will strengthen him…He will experience my faithfulness and loyal love…I will always extend my loyal love to him, and my covenant with him is secure.  (Psalm 89:21, 24, 28)

I knew this was God’s way of giving me the go-ahead, and did not take his packet with me to a church presentation I was heading to.  I’m thrilled that we will be able to keep in close communication with him through the years.  He was sad to have lost a sponsor that did not continue with him, and I will tell him that I’m committed to staying with him as long as needed.  When we were together, I had no idea God would call me to this great privilege; I’m just thrilled!  I wonder what he will become when he grows up?  A chef, as he has suggested, or something else?  Whatever he does, I know he will find the path God has planned for him.  Boy, is he going to be surprised when he gets his first letter (and the above photo with his sponsor)!  I had only promised him that I would TRY to find a sponsor for him, not that I would get him a sponsor.  What a pleasant surprise for both of us!

Here is a video of Sarah sharing English words with Mod-Dang (as he requested):

I’m especially pleased that seven children have been sponsored this week, through one-on-one sharing with others.  Ken is not sponsored yet, but I’ve had two individuals that have shown interest.  If both of them sponsor children still, that will make nine, but I don’t think God is finished yet either.

Finally, we had one more child on my list to meet in Thailand, and I will cover that visit on the next post, since we had the pleasure of visiting Jakkrit’s own home and family!

Dear Lord, I pray for Mod-Dang, that you will continue to use his brilliant mind to learn, explore and study hard.  Help him to achieve all that you plan for him to be.  Give him the spiritual, mental, and emotional support that he needs, as only You know.  I ask a blessing upon his father as he cares for him alone.  May Your Spirit enlighten this family, bring them good health and peace, and may they know that they are loved.  Help us to be the support that You intend for us to be — encouraging and directing his thoughts and plans (through letters) in ways in accordance with your will.  And keep his silliness and humor a strong factor throughout his life, blessing and encouraging others around him.  I ask this in the name of Jesus, Amen.


2 thoughts on “A Surprise Sponsor

  1. Jill Foley says:

    So cool that God has affirmed that YOU are to be his sponsor!

    I just wanted to say that I love how you are writing about this trip. At first I wanted more….I kept thinking, c’mon Juli, that’s not enough…give us more! But I find that I am really digesting your trip this way.

    And I love how you are talking about each child you were specifically looking for sponsors for. This is such a wonderful idea and a great example for me as I get ready for my trip to Peru.

    I hope you still have many more posts because I’m not ready for this trip to end!

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