Employees With Heart

Touring the Compassion Thailand office was nothing compared to meeting the wonderful people that work there.  We were so blessed to be introduced to everyone by our translator and friend, Mink.

This is an extremely busy and exciting office, as they get to deal with this correspondence between sponsors and children:

I can’t imagine how stressful it must be to get translations out within a required amount of time.  Although it takes a long time to get answers from children from our perspective, the letters are actually in the offices in various countries for only about a week.  7,000 letters come into this office per month and have to be translated within a week — can you imagine that kind of responsibility and dedication?  Here are some of the cheerful ones who handle this awesome task:

Compassion Thailand has 35,000+ sponsored children, and they work with 237 partner churches.  There are about 20 project facilitators that go to the various child centers to support the Project Directors, take photos of children, assess the needs and make reports for the country office.

Next we saw this friend, Manna, again — the one who had played flute so beautifully for graduation.  Manna is the Thailand Country Director’s Assistant — she keeps real busy with her job.

Imagine my surprise when this next lady said she knew me already — she’d read my blog posts on the Compassion Blog!  This is Arada, the field communication specialist.  She also writes for the Compassion Blog, and you can see some of her great posts here.

Aren’t these clever cubbies for the office staff?

But — once again — as I’ve seen in all other Compassion Country Offices, the thing that impressed me most was that these dedicated employees also sponsor children together, the first from Thailand and additional ones from other countries. What a beautiful example to all who visit.  And how excited they must be when they receive letters from their very own children!  Can’t you just imagine everyone gathering around the letters in shared excitement and joy?


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