Children Bless

As I said previously, when I had planned our stop in the Philippines, I had hoped to take my kids to some of the Filipino Compassion Projects, but it was not possible to arrange on that day.  However, God had a surprise in store for us that was delightful as well.

We ran into these kids and families at a playground near the Mall of Asia.  The playground equipment was special because it was simple and was just their size.

I just wanted to take them all in my arms and hug them, but of course I did not do that.  It was really fun interacting with them, though, and they loved seeing the photos we showed them.  It was wonderful that this was our first meaningful interaction with the Filipinos, and children had led the way.

Wess Stafford always says that every appointment with a child is a divine appointment, and we certainly sensed that in these moments.  I think it’s true that every time we come in contact with a child, we have the opportunity to bless and encourage them in some way.  But I also think they are there to bless us as well, if we will only notice them and receive what God intended by sending them our way.


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