An Accurate Observation

What were my final thoughts after visiting two of my formerly sponsored boys in Haiti?

The Haitians are just like us in many ways.  It’s pretty much all about God and family for many of these people.  This is what matters most, when you come right down to it.

The parents only want the best for their children.  They want to see them find a better life through education, health care, proper nutrition and spiritual discipleship.  William is so thankful for Compassion’s ministry and said to me, “Thank you!  You helped TWO of my boys!  TWO!”  Notice the purple stuff bag I gave to William after he asked to use it to carry his Bible.  Word has it that he walks at least 4 hours every weekend to share the Gospel with others.

Family takes care of family.  Brothers care for their younger siblings.  Here is Enold with one of his other older brothers.

Children love surprises and gifts, attention, hugs and loving respect.

Homes are not the same all over, but they basically comprise areas to cook, eat and sleep.

Church buildings can be simple structures designed for gathering to worship, pray and share with one another.

This church is one of the new Compassion projects.  Toussaint told me there will be four new projects on the island of La Gonave within the year.

I noticed something very interesting about Haiti as we traveled back to the mission complex.  I noticed that men were out working in the fields, beside the women.

Sadly, I have noticed in many developing countries that the men are not working; they just sit around with their friends talking, playing games and drinking.  But in Haiti the men were busy working.  I saw them in the fields, in the market, crafting wooden piecers for the home, working in construction, driving, and even caring for children while their wives were working.  This is what makes Haiti so special–love of family.  The men seem to love their families, care for them, and work to provide as much as they can.  I asked our translators about this and they told me that in many countries men will even prostitute their wives and daughters for money, but that in Haiti the men would never do that.  My observations were accurate, and it made me feel good about Haiti and its future.

After a long drive we finally returned to the mission complex and I thanked my translator, Toussaint, and the driver, Getta.  He did an amazing job, driving across huge rock outcroppings and less-than-desirable roads!  I was very grateful to him!


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