On the last “unplanned” day in Haiti I stayed at the hospital most of the day with the little girl I told you about.  Then I went back to the mission complex and found the cooks busy preparing our dinner.

I fell in love with these women.  Only one of them seemed to know English, but we communicated the best we could.  They obviously were good friends (or family) and enjoyed working together.

The meals they prepared for us were delicious, and I will share some photos of the food on the day after Thanksgiving.

I also ran in to my friend, Joel, again, as he was delivering supplies to the kitchen.

I wandered around to the back side of the building and discovered this woman washing our clothes.

I indicated my camera to ask if she minded having her photo taken, and she didn’t mind.

Then I went back in our room to relax for a little bit, but just then one of the missionaries came running in.  “Don’t you have an extra mattress in this room?” he asked.  I told him we did, and indicated that he was welcome to take it.  As he left quickly, he explained that it was needed to transport a hospital patient to the airport.  I followed him and came upon this scene.

Everyone was helping in any way that they could.  I loved seeing the care and devotion of these Haitians.  The truck finally pulled away from the hospital and headed towards the main road.  But then something awful happened.

The person passed away, right there in the truck.  They stopped to try to revive her, but it wasn’t possible.  The people all crowded around the truck and began wailing loudly.  I have never seen anything like it before.  It was so sad.  I could only stand there and pray for them.  As the events unfolded, I found out that the woman who died was one of the cooks.  She had been in the hospital the whole time we were there, but she was normally there working with the others, and they were all devastated.  They were each crying or wailing at various places in the front yard of the mission complex.  I just went from one to another, praying for them, although they could not understand my language.  They were grateful and calmed by those prayers and thanked me as I hugged each one.  My next post will be more photos of these wonderful cooks.

It had been an interesting “unplanned” day indeed.  Although I didn’t know what my purpose would be, God did.  I sensed His presence and direction all day, and was thankful I had followed His lead.  But it wasn’t because I was a blessing to others; it was because they were examples to me.  Their faith, love, patience, humility and devotion to one another had been a huge example to me all day.  I will never forget this special day.


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