Soccer and Compassion

My last post showed a soccer match between two Compassion projects in Haiti.  Some of the children from the orphanage also came to the event, wearing the goofy sunglasses the mission team had given them.

A young man that spoke English very well started visiting with me and I explained that I had come to visit my sponsored children.  He informed me that he was a formerly sponsored child through Compassion as well!  We had a great visit together; what a nice young man he is.

Then I approached a man to talk to him, because he was wearing a hat from my home town — Kansas City.  He is shown here with one of the Compassion staff members, and I was then informed that this is the man that carries all the sponsorship letters from La Gonave to Port-au-Prince every week!  I was amazed, and thanked him for all the letters I’d been able to exchange with my own sponsored children here.  I just can’t tell you how thrilled I was to meet this special man.

Finally, it was also fun to see the local Haitian band.

Here is a sound clip from the band; they were very good!


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