Hospital Change

First, check out my blog post on the Compassion Blog!

In the final weeks of the year I will close out my stories about Haiti by posting some random photos of the trip, along with a few final thoughts — one for each day that I post.  The first thought is here:

1.  Although I had known about the Wesleyan mission complex on La Gonave for years, I had never imagined it to be so beautiful.  What a wonderful place to visit or live, while reaching out to serve the people of Haiti.



It is especially amazing to consider how the hospital complex began.  A photo on the wall of the dining hall tells it all.


The first clinic was a simple, small hut.  The present hospital followed a few years later, and has served the island for many years.



Today, a new hospital is in progress, and what a wonderful improvement it will be.  I’m thankful to Compassion UK for the oversight of this excellent facility.


This is how it will look when it is complete:Image

I’m so glad that people care enough to help in these ways. Conditions in Haiti are improving little by little!


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