I’ve Received a Gift

We have so many gifts around us — family, food, shelter, fellowship.  But the best gift of all is the fact that God chose to come to us in the form of a living, real child.  He came in poverty, humility and sacrifice.  Imagine that!

On this special day of celebration I want to share photos of several nativity sets.  But first let me share a beautiful painting that was done by a friend of the family.  My father gave this to us, and said that he liked the painting because it (rarely) depicts Joseph holding the child rather than Mary.  I loved that observation.


This is a nativity set that my mother painted years ago and gave as a gift to me.

3--2012-12-19 09.23.31_500

This next one is the creche my family had when I was a child growing up.  I always loved it, and was thrilled when my mother passed it on to me.


This is a beautiful little set that I purchased in Germany.


This is one I bought in Ecuador when on a Compassion trip.


I found this little nativity in the Dominican Republic.


This is a rather large set that has real cloth, jewels and wood.  It has three large palm trees beside a large stone wall.


This last one that belongs to me is a home-made nativity that my children made with me many years ago.


One of the churches in town had a nativity display this year, showing several beautiful sets that came from different parts of the world.  Here are some of the ones I saw at that special display.

The United States:

7-2012-12-16 13.47.20_500

Navajo:8-2012-12-16 13.47.37_500

22--2012-12-16 13.51.02_500


10-2012-12-16 13.48.01_500


11-2012-12-16 13.48.11_500


12--2012-12-16 13.48.19_500


13--2012-12-16 13.48.27_500

The Philippines:

21--2012-12-16 13.50.30_500


23--2012-12-16 13.51.17_500

I believe the rest of the these are from the United States:14--2012-12-16 13.48.48_500

15--2012-12-16 13.48.54_500

16--2012-12-16 13.49.00_500

17--2012-12-16 13.49.14_500

18--2012-12-16 13.49.37_500

This beautiful set comes from Alaska and features real fur, a moose and a polar bear!

19--2012-12-16 13.49.44_500

20--2012-12-16 13.50.19_500

24--2012-12-16 13.51.37_500

26--2012-12-16 13.51.52_500

27--2012-12-16 13.54.40_500

28--2012-12-16 13.54.43_500

29--2012-12-16 13.54.49_500

30--2012-12-16 13.54.53_500

9-2012-12-16 13.47.51_50025--2012-12-16 13.51.42_500

Aren’t they beautiful?  Which one is your favorite?  What does this Christmas Day mean to you?


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