Sponsorship Works

This is my final thought from my trip to Haiti:

9.  I am absolutely convinced that sponsorship works!  It is wonderful that these Compassion projects are not orphanages, for that separates children from their families.  Through this child development plan children are able to stay with their families but visit the projects regularly to receive meals, immunizations, health care, education and discipleship.  This is really the best way to support a family — through a partner church that knows the needs of the community best.

This plan also builds up the community, providing jobs, skill training and support in every way.  We do not try to change their communities into our culture; instead we come alongside them with enough flexibility and trust in them (and in God) to let it “work” as they see best for their culture.  Compassion is truly “releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name!”

I’m thankful for the opportunity to, once again, witness Compassion’s work on the field and especially to see my own sponsored boys.  As you can see, a one-week trip packed enough activity and insight to provide six months of blog posts!  That is how meaningful these trips can be.




Is it worth it to spend about $3,000 on a trip such as this?  Yes!  In every way!  Without meeting my boys personally, I could not have known of their fun and entertaining personalities — how silly they can be at times.






I could not have met their sweet parents and siblings.



I could not have visited their very humble but blessed home.




I could not have visited their church or met their impressive pastor and project workers.



The trip not only impacted my life spiritually as I observed their strong faith and humility, but it has impacted many others as well.  When I returned home many people also began to sponsor children.  As I continue to share in churches this year, even more will join this great team of support for the needy children of our world.

If you have not sponsored a child yet now is the time.  Click here to take a look at precious children that are waiting for someone to come alongside and help them in their greatest needs.  As you will notice, some of them have been waiting for a long time.  Let’s not delay any longer.


For bullet points (and observations about Haiti) previous to this, click here for #1 Hospital Change#2 Beautiful Country#3 We Take for Granted, #4 A Good Mission#5 Short Mission Trips#6 Kids on Mission,  #7 Compassion’s Reputation,  and #8 Partner Churches.


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