Never Before

Welcome to the new look of Sheep Droppings!  I hope you like it.

Please take a look, also, at these sweet children from Haiti.  There’s a story behind these faces.

I scheduled a church presentation in Billings for these children in November, but it was cancelled due to a blizzard.  I was supposed to return the first of the year but the pastor has delayed now until April, although these children have been waiting for weeks.

19,000 children die per day of preventable causes.  19,000!

Therefore, I am asking if YOU would like to sponsor one or more of these adorable little ones!  I would love to assign your name to the child and send the child packet to you.  In order to reserve one I will need your name and address (please send to  Payment with credit card would be great, so these kids will not have to wait any longer.  This is also a unique opportunity, as all of these children are from the same child development center.  Never before have I been able to make this offer — if you or your church would like to sponsor a group in the same center, this is your chance!  Sponsorship is $38.00/month and provides meals, immunization, education, social skills and Christian discipleship.

Which one speaks to you today?  Have you ever seen such sweet names and faces?

[Click photos to enlarge]


Ariala 001


Christelle 001


Dachca 001


Fanel 001

SamuelSamuel 001


Starline 001


Wildjeena 001


These last two names are classic Haitian creativity — “Starline” and “Wildjeena!”  Gotta love ’em!


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