The Journey Begins

Here are more uses of my “Word of the Year” — Journey.   I came across all of these within a couple of weeks of choosing it as my word.

They say life isn’t about the destination; it’s about the journey.  And when you step out in faith there’s nothing more exciting.  The journey is filled with mountains, and valleys, unexpected turns, new challenges; but we’re never alone.  We walk with each other, we walk with the kids we serve.  Most of all, we walk with God, who directs our steps, strengthens our faith and inspires us to press on.  What if our journey was really about theirs?  What if our work today was about their tomorrows?  If our small wins could inspire their greatest victories?  Each step brings us closer to what He’s called us to do …our journey is theirs.  –Compassion Video (see below)

I’ve asked myself, so why doesn’t He just direct our paths?  Why doesn’t He make it easy?  Why doesn’t He just speak the words to us all the time and allow us to avoid the pitfalls and the heartaches?  I’ve become convinced of this:  I think He loves us too much for that.  I believe Immanuel loves the journey.  I think He’s got a sense of humor.  I think He loves to watch us when we’re fearfully walking forward in faith.  I think it brings Him great joy to see the adventure, to be a part of the journey.  –Wess Stafford, Chapel, 12/12/12 (see below)

We thought this would be a great way to share our joy through the journey so far, and encourage others to find their own joy and thankfulness in any circumstance.  –Kristin & Jason Mezey’s blog, Courageously Enabled

Sign on a church in Denver:  “Journey to the Manger”

Realizing that I had insight into what Billy was feeling, insight that a professional therapist, whom I trusted, didn’t have, confirmed that I had to share my journey with others.  –John Elder Robison, Be Different, pg. 4

From there I received letters to the brothers, and I journeyed toward Damascus.  –The Apostle Paul, Acts 22:5

Then Abram journeyed by stages to the Negev.  –Genesis 12:9

Here is the excellent video I mentioned above, entitled “Acknowledge Him in All Your Ways.”


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