Phase One of a Dream

I have said this many times and it’s true:  formerly sponsored children usually find a unique way to give back to their communities when they complete Compassion’s sponsorship program.  Once they are released from poverty in Jesus’ name, they are eager to give a hand to others in the same situation.  They have become a powerful asset to their community, and have a heart that can only put God and others first.

Willy Ouma is no exception.  Willy’s dream was to build a school for orphans in his home town of Busia, Uganda, and I think he has a brilliant plan.  It’s very simple and works like this:

Pray.  Depend on God to lead and provide

Build a school with support from donors

Enroll 150 paying students

Enroll 150 orphans who cannot pay

The fees of the paying students subsidize the cost of the orphans

The program is self-sustaining

Isn’t it an amazing plan?  You can read more about Give Hope Ministries here.  And I am pleased to say that Phase One — the building of the school itself — is already well in progress, as you can see here.

Willy explained to me that education is not provided free by the government of Uganda, so the private schools are crucial.  You can read more about this here.  Willy has already interviewed and hired teachers, and they hope to begin classes this June. That will be the completion of Phase One. In my next post, I will tell you about Phase Two and Three.


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