Phase Two and Three

Willy’s dream is big for Uganda — imagine caring for 150 orphans!  And of course, they can’t live in the school.  So the second part of the plan is to build 15 home units for the children to live in, with 10 children in each unit and 2 parents for each.  I saw something just like this in Haiti last summer, as you may recall.

When Willy spoke in my church, several men decided to discuss taking a construction team to help with the building of the home units.  They have already met once, and will no doubt be working out the details in the weeks to come.  The plan is to come alongside the Ugandan construction workers and teach contemporary concepts of safety and environmental effectiveness, as they work side-by-side.

Phase Three is to build housing units for volunteers and missionaries to use — teachers, for instance.  It is Willy’s hope that people will want to come for a year or two at a time to teach the children.  Since all the classes will be in English, it would seem that this is a very likely scenario.  However, there will also be native teachers, and many have already been hired.

If you are interested in giving to this good cause, please click here.  Although the funds are coming in steadily, they have a long way to go to meet their goals for all three phases of the project.





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