Quantrill’s Raiders

While in Lawrence, Kansas, I enjoyed staying at Denny’s house.   I love her beautiful and hilarious dog, Zoe.



Denny and I went on a guided tour of Lawrence that focuses on the events related to Quantrill’s Raiders.  For an account of this historic event, click here.

The tour was just a matter of following directions on a leaflet and driving around to various homes and plaques related to the incident.  It was very informative and interesting.  Here are some of the sights we saw.  A pastor was killed while milking a cow in a barn near this home:


A child hid out in the cupola of this beautiful home.


Here is one of the many plaques related to the incident on August 21, 1863.


The owner of this beautiful home was also one of the victims.


Quantrill’s Raiders massacred over 150 people on that sad day in Lawrence.  80 women were widowed and 250 children were left fatherless.  My great-great-grandmother’s cousin, Pollard Carnahan, was a member of the 9th Kansas Voluntary Cavalry, the group that chased the raiders and captured some of them later.  Here is a photo of Pollard Carnahan, which is in the Kansas State Hall of Fame:



When I was in Lawrence a few years ago, Denny and I visited the cemetery where many of the victims are buried. Here are some photos of the graves:

Chester Hay — 28 years.


Louis Swan — 31 years.IMG_2963_500

George W. Coat — 28 years.IMG_2965_500


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