A Very Special Story

I love this devotion from the book One in Spirit, written by various employees of Compassion around the world.  This one was written by Gabriela Arèvalo, Program Implementation Assistant in Bolivia.

I live in a neighborhood that still retains rural characteristics and is full of immigrant families.  At my house there is a passion fruit tree, which began to bear fruit this year thanks to heavy rains.  We used the first fruits to make desserts and jams.  After a month, the tree had more fruit, and we began to give it to widows and mothers in our local church.  This became a habit, and soon everybody in the church expected to receive a bag of passion fruit.  Two Sundays ago, when early in the morning we went out to harvest, we saw that there was so much fruit that we needed help to reap it.  So we called the children of needy families in the neighborhood, and with their help, we began to reap.

There are no better workers picking fruit than a group of happy children.  They are able to climb to the highest branches, look under the foliage, and not get tired until the last ripe fruit has been picked, all with laughter and shouts of joy.  But however hard we worked, it seemed we were not finished harvesting.  Time passed by and we were still finding passion fruit — big, juicy, ripe passion fruit!  We collected eight baskets, and then, after separating one part for each child, we went to the market to sell what was left.  With the money from the sale, we purchased school supplies for each of our little helpers.  That tree brought joy and blessing to many, many lives!

God demands us to be like that tree.  He wants us to bear fruit, much fruit!  And while we work in this ministry for children, our faithfulness allows the Giver of growth to produce in us the  compassion, generosity, and sacrifice that Jesus, our example, personified when He lived on earth.  — Gabriela Arèvalo

Isn’t that a delightful story?  I just had to share it with you; it is so special!


2 thoughts on “A Very Special Story

  1. Jill Foley says:

    How did you get a copy of this book? I can’t seem to find it anywhere…

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