It Made Me Laugh

I read a funny quote this week.  I just had to laugh.  Here it is, from Eugene H. Peterson’s book, Where Your Treasure Is.

In the early years of this century there was a great deal of enthusiasm for eugenics.  The program was to preselect potential parents by the same principles that have bred better sheep and goats.  At the time there was a celebrated exchange between the brilliant but ugly George Bernard Shaw and a dazzlingly beautiful but empty-headed actress from the London stage.  She gushed, “Oh, Mr. Shaw, we really ought to have a child, don’t you think?  What a prodigy the infant would be with my looks and your brains!”  Shaw replied, “But what if it got my looks and your brains?”

Peterson continues with this thought:

No.  In the presence of  birth we do not calculate, we marvel…In the presence of birth we are at the source of life.  Our preoccupations with survival and our forebodings of death recede for a while.  Spontaneity breaks through.  For a few moments, at least, we are out of ourselves…The most ordinary birth is far more than we can achieve by our best efforts and highly sophisticated technology.  Here is mystery, but a mystery of light not darkness, full of goodness, brimming with blessing.  Every birth powerfully recalls us to this source:  we have our origins in someone other than ourselves, and greater than ourselves.                                              — Where Your Treasure Is, Eugene H. Peterson, page 22-23


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