The Journey Continues

I have seen many uses of my Word of the Year so far.  I’m always amazed to see how quickly my notebook fills up each year.  It just happened that I had begun to turn a new direction in my quilt making, and had purchased some new books.  Strangely enough, they nearly all had the word “Journey” in the title:

Fabric Journey — by Ruth B. McDowell

Journey to Inspired Art Quilting — by Jean Wells

Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts — A Stress-Free Journey to Original Design — by Rayna Gillman

There were quotes within the books too, of course:

“Almost three years ago, I began a new journey with my quilting…I now see line in everything and immediately think about how I might piece something…sewing small pieces of fabric together as I build an idea is very exciting to me.”  — Jean Wells

“[Jean’s] passion for sewing and teaching has taken her on the journey that so many of us have viewed with awe and inspiration…I have had the incredible good fortune to accompany Jean on this new journey…”  — Betsy Rickles

“The most cherished friendship is not only one in which you enjoy time spent together — talking, sharing, and laughing — but also one in which you inspire each other, challenge each other, and find that you are taking creative journeys within yourself thanks to the influence of the other.  — Jean Wells

And so my mind has been on a journey of creativity and inspiration.  I have not started putting together an art quilt yet, but it is definitely starting to form in my mind.


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