Shipment to Uganda

I’m pleased to announce that our small church has arranged a shipment of school supplies to go to Uganda.  After Willy Ouma spoke here  about Give Hope Ministries, the men in our church really took it to heart and started making plans for a possible mission trip to Uganda.  In addition, when they heard that a large container was being sent to nearby Kenya by Vision Beyond Borders, they asked if items could be sent to the children in Uganda as well.  Here are some of the supplies that are being sent:

2013-04-21 09.55.00-1_500

2013-04-21 09.56.14-1_500

Several things are particularly exciting about this project:

  • The timing of the VBB shipment couldn’t have been better!
  • Some valuable mathematics curriculum were donated by a professor when a friend requested them — items that would’ve been thrown away at a value of several thousand dollars
  • The whole church got involved
  • The men took the lead in this effort
  • I had nothing to do with it; it was God’s provision and inspiration

That last one is such a blessing to me.  I’m the one that is usually speaking for Compassion, asking people to help children, seeking donations and gifts.  This was all arranged without any effort from me at all.  It’s great to see how God works!

Please make sure you check out Willy’s latest blog post about this ministry in Uganda.


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