Fathers as Mentors

My formerly sponsored child, Josue, is a father himself now.  He learned a gentle skill of parenting from the many mentors he had in his project growing up.



Here are two of Josue’s mentors — his Project Director and his Pastor.


Here is the teacher that spent so much time with both of my sponsored boys.


But sponsors can also be mentors to their sponsored children.  This is my friend Dave with one of his boys.


And this is Cory with one of his girls in Ecuador — Miriam.


My friend Cory was able to visit his child with her family in Ecuador.  He was very sad when he heard from her later and found out that her father had passed away.  But what did she say to Cory?  This is what she said in her letter:

My dad was sick during three months.  He passed away on Thursday at 6 PM on January 4, 2007.  We went to the funeral on Saturday at 1 PM and we got back home very sad.  I don’t have a father.  I think that you are my second father.  I am very happy because you are alive.  I ask God to give you many years of life.  I ask you to help me during all my life.  Don’t leave me.  We only finished the year with my mom and my little brother Mario.  Goodbye with these few words and a hug.

Now you can see just how important these sponsorships can be.


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