Soccer and Compassion

Godfrey-Mineso-150x180I’m pleased to announce that Godfrey Miheso will be the speaker at our Compassion event in Billings this weekend.  How does a child rise from the 2nd largest slum of Kenya to speaking in Montana and all across our nation?  And what does his story have to do with poverty, soccer, Kansas and Compassion?  You can read Godfrey’s bio here.  I can hardly wait to meet him!

Here is the full schedule of Godfrey’s speaking engagements in Billings, MT.  You can see any one of these, or more if you would like.  This will be very appropriate for families and individuals of all ages.

  • Location:  Harvest Church
  • 1235 West Wicks Lane
  • Billings, MT
  • Saturday, July 6, 5:00 pm worship service
  • Sunday, July 7, 9:00 am and 11:0 am worship services
  • Sunday, July 7, 4:10 pm Mini-Conference

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