Speaking Up for Kids

The recent Compassion Conference in Billings was great.  Some Advocates came from far away in order to see the Mobile Experience.  It truly is amazing — by all means, make sure you see this interactive experience.  It isn’t just an exhibit; it’s truly an experience.  I came to understand the lives of specific children much better.  I walked through parts of their lives with them.  I laughed and cried with them. It was very emotional for me.

Mobile 2_500

It was special to see so many families take time out of their day to walk through this experience together. I even saw a puppy go through with a family!

Mobile 3_500

Many children were sponsored because of the impact the experience had on the whole family.

Child Packets_500

Another part of the weekend was the Advocate dinner. I must say that I really appreciate our manager, Rick. He’s completely focused on our main purpose — Releasing Children from Poverty in Jesus’ Name.


To organize this conference he asked for support and ideas from what he calls “The Three J’s” — Jill, Jane and Juli!

Three Js_500

We were certainly willing and eager to share our sponsorship experiences with new sponsors!

Here is Jill giving a presentation. I love her passion for the ministry and for the family. She has a lot of great ideas for making stronger bonds with our sponsored children.


Jane spoke about her travels to visit sponsored children.


She almost always comes home with an additional sponsored child! She has the most tender heart for these kids. I loved finally having a chance to hear these friends speak. I also enjoyed sharing some of my own stories and insights.


I was thrilled to finally hear one of my own team members give a presentation — Bernice — who shared about the importance of praying for our children.


I loved the story she told of the first child she ever sponsored — Michael. She had visited him 1999 before he graduated, and has continued praying for him. He recently contacted her on Facebook, although it has been more than a decade since she heard from him (when his sponsorship ended). Imagine her joy when she found out he’s now a pastor! He studied computers in college and then finished 4 years of a Bible College of Asia. He sent pics of his family and church, and of his tiny mama (who had always been so ill). This truly is another wonderful success story! I can only hope that some of my formerly sponsored children will contact me, too, in the future. But if not, I know they are valuable members of society, wherever they are.

I love these refresher times at Compassion conferences. I look forward to more in the future — reunions with friends, inspiring messages from formerly sponsored children, new insights into the ministry, instruction, making new friends. Nothing compares with the fellowship we have in Compassion’s ministry!

Thanks to Jill for the use of some of her pics — and you can see her post about this here.  


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