A Fascinating Culture

While walking in the Old City of Cartagena with Luis I saw many more examples of the bright and gifted culture of Colombia.  Here is the opera house with its beautiful sculptures outside.



This is a government building that houses the offices of the Mayor, I believe.


We entered several beautiful courtyards that were part of the local universities.


We saw old buildings that were being transformed into modern restaurants and homes


I even saw some fabric shops, although I resisted the strong impulse to start buying some for my quilts.




Then we passed a street vendor (whom you can see on the left) that was selling fresh coconut water, and Luis bought some for me!  I’m sorry I don’t have a photo of me trying to drink the liquid out of a small plastic bag, and getting more of it on myself than in my mouth!  But it was truly delicious, and I cherish this special memory of Luis’ love and generosity!


After walking a bit more, it was my turn to treat.  Before leaving the old city we returned to the restaurant and enjoyed some ice cream.  Here is Luis with a Banana Split.


We also saw these typical Colombia candies, some of which I purchased later to bring home to my own kids.


Then we left the Old City and walked along the harbor.  It was fun to see these replica ships from the old days, which are used now for tourism.



This one had a dog that apparently owned the ship, as he was making merry with his voice to all who passed!



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