Meeting Friends

Luis’ special graduation day in Colombia was not his day only; it was a day of celebration for several other special graduates, too.


I wish I could’ve spent a little time with each and every one of these special adults, but it just wasn’t possible.  The day flew by too quickly.  But you can bet that each one has an amazing story to tell, of God’s faithfulness in bringing them out of poverty to achieve goals for which they were specifically gifted and created for.


Gratefulness to faithful sponsors was expressed over and over throughout the day.  As I’d noticed previously, the sponsors were sort of the missing celebrities of the day, and the one who showed up was treated like a queen!


I was also wishing I could spend a little more time with the staff members — each filled with such huge hearts of love and care for these students.


The crowd of family members and friends was also wonderful.



As you can see, specially color-coordinated clothing had been provided for LDP students of the various class groups, who had come from all over Colombia for this special event.



Aren’t they beautiful students?  So kind, courteous, fun-loving and friendly!  Each age group was taking a lot of photos while they were dressed up for the occasion.


Here is a group of beautiful young girls, I believe, from  Luis’ region.


Some of the boys were a riot to hang out with!


I tried to keep Jazmin as busy as possible, translating for me. Thank you Jazmin!  She did a great job!



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