After Graduation

The evening following graduation was also very special, spent with family and friends.  As you can see here, one of the younger LDP students is holding a handful of gift bags for the graduates.


Those gifts would be given during presentations at a special dinner that followed the ceremony.  This dinner was held out on the back patio of the hotel, where a huge crowd of family members and friends were served a buffet-style meal.


The food was delicious and the evening was very pleasant.


The same wonderful MC’s were in charge of the presentations.


Luis received his bag of gifts, which included a John Maxwell book, among other things.


My gifts to Luis included a flashdrive, card reader, backpack and items for his sisters, brothers, grandparents, nieces, nephews and mother.


Luis gave me a beautiful purse that I will always cherish.  I love the traditional Colombian hat on the side of this purse!  It’s so very special!  He also wrote something very special in my notebook, which you will see below.


The funniest moment of the evening was when Carlos called Sixto forward to receive the speaker’s gift — a traditional Colombian hammock — which they immediately required him to test out!  It was hilarious, as Sixto was very willing to give it a try!



What a wonderful day we had spent together — honoring God for His faithfulness — and for all He had given us — family, special achievements and fellowship with amazing people.  I’m so very grateful for this much-needed and successful Leadership Development Program.  If you would like to know more, or would like to sponsor a future leader, please check it out here.  

Here is what Luis wrote in my notebook to me:

I’m so happy to share this moment of my life with you.  Your love to me is so nice and I give thanks to God for you love.  I wish that the grace of Jesus Christ be over you and your family and the love of God never fail.  I love you in the love of God.  Thanks for being with me.  You are in my heart.  Luis  


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