Unexpected Opportunity

After the LDP graduation in Colombia something wonderful happened.  I was told that I was welcome to go to the LDP Camp the following day.  This was the reason that all the LDP students were present for graduation, from all across Colombia.  It was because they had a leadership camp to attend that week at a location several kilometers from Cartagena.  Carlos told me I was welcome to ride with his staff.  This was wonderful!  I met up with them at a nearby hotel the following morning.

2013-06-16 06.43.23_500

These are members of the LDP Advisory Committee, Implementation of Programs, Specialists and the LDP Pastor.  This is a fantastic group of people!  I was so pleased to get to spend more time with these amazing servants of God.

We arrived at the camp and it was quiet because the students had not arrived yet.

2013-06-16 07.34.02_500

But soon the buses arrived, too, and here came Luis, in a typical Colombian hat!

2013-06-16 07.57.02_500

2013-06-16 08.00.42_500

We were so happy to greet each other again.  Luis and his friends were ready for a fun week together.

2013-06-16 08.07.23_500

This is Juan David, a musician (like me) who is studying piano.  It was fun to see him again and visit with him about music in English, as his language is very good.  He hopes to be a music conductor some day.

2013-06-16 08.03.49_500

The theme of the camp was “Formation of Character,” and the first task was to get everything set up and ready to go in this  great building that is shaded but open to the fresh air.

2013-06-16 08.39.09_500

2013-06-16 08.20.29_500

2013-06-16 08.30.01_500

This is a great time for the kids to hang out with students of their own age — freshmen through graduates.  Aren’t they fun to see in this relaxed setting?  I know this was a very special time for all of them.

2013-06-16 08.49.13_500


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