Imagine trying to outlast a fierce storm from inside a small lean-to, or a small leaky shack. This was the situation for thousands of our children in the Philippines recently.

Now imagine walking around your community following the devastating typhoon. What do you see? Nothing but destruction in every direction. Your own home did not remain standing and all your possessions are gone. Death is all around, too.

You begin to hunger and thirst but there is nothing but seawater. Grocery stores are either gone or have been looted by other desperate people. You wonder how the rest of your family fared but all communication and electricity is down.

You are at the mercy of others that can come in from the outside, bringing food, water, medical supplies and shelter. Please be a part of the helping crowd that is donating to the relief efforts.  You can click below to make your donation.
Help Children Affected by Philippines Typhoon


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