What To Say

So what do you say to a child in poverty?  What kinds of things can you say in your letters to your sponsored child?

Here is my Top 10 list of things to write about, most of which are questions to get a healthy dialogue going:

  1. How is the family?  Is everyone healthy and doing well?
  2. How are they doing in school — are they studying hard?  Learning to read?
  3. What do they enjoy most about the Child Center they attend?
  4. Who are their best friends, and what do they like to do together?
  5. Tell them about the activities your family is involved in — sports, pets, holidays, travels.
  6. Send photos — if you use the online templates Compassion provides, this is easy.
  7. Talk about the importance of education to insure a strong future.
  8. Share scriptures and insights that have impacted your life.  What are they learning from God?
  9. Ask about their plans for the future — what would they like to do for a living and how should they prepare for it?  What are their dreams and goals?
  10. Always send greetings to the parents and siblings of the child.

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