Papa’s Siblings

Before I finish my posts on the Koontz ancestry I’d like to mention a little about C. B. (“Papa”) Koontz’ siblings.  As mentioned before, three families came to gather to form one:  the children of Philip and Sevele Koontz, the children of Catherine and Travis Taylor, and the children of Philip and Catherine (Taylor) Koontz.  The Civil War had taken Travis Taylor and all four of his brothers.  Here are some interesting details about each of these groups of siblings:

Here is a photo of Jack, his brother, in his later years, working the vegetable truck in 1914 in Columbus, KS (click to enlarge).  The umbrella above his head says “Hood wants to see you.”

Jack Koontz

This is also a classic photo of his family.

Jack Koontz clan023

This is the 2nd oldest brother of Papa, Spruce Koontz with his family.

Spruce _500

I don’t have a known photo of Papa’s sister, Mary (known as “Mozella”), and unfortunately we don’t know anything else about her except that she married a Thomas Calvin.

We do have some great photos of the younger brother, Andy, though.

AndyKoontzHere is a mining photo of Andy with an unknown person (Andy is on the right):

AJ Koontzright_500

Finally, we have this one, affectionately known as “Men With Guns.”  Andy is on the lower right.  One of Rosa Koontz’ brothers (William Wallace Rice) is on the top left.  The others are probably related, too, but we haven’t been able to identify them.


Andy never married, and when he died in 1919 at the age of 57 his will mentioned all his living brothers and stepbrothers, along with each niece and nephew.  He certainly cared deeply for his family members.

That is all we know about Baxter Koontz’ brothers and sisters; on the next post I will share some photos and information about his step-brothers and sisters.


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