Big Horn Hike

It was great to have Sarah home over the long weekend, and we took advantage of the nice weather to take a short hike in the Big Horns.  We followed a small trail that starts behind the YMCA of the Big Horns.

2014-05-26 14.56.10_500


The trail goes down into a very pretty canyon.

2014-05-26 15.36.04_500

2014-05-26 15.31.02_500

It splits every once in a while, but we tried to stay right along the very full creek.

2014-05-26 15.28.05_500

This early in the season we were constantly stepping over trees branches, logs and brush.

2014-05-26 15.45.20_500

There are a couple of places that open up to very wide meadows not yet covered in flowers.

2014-05-26 15.50.58_500


We really enjoyed this beautiful day together.

2014-05-26 15.08.45_500


One thought on “Big Horn Hike

  1. Jill Foley says:

    Looks like a beautiful hike!

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