Surfing, Dancing, Baking, Playing

Here, again, is the little girl from Kenya in need of a sponsor. She’s so cute!  She’s wearing a uniform that Compassion provided for her.  People often ask me, “Why do the children in the photos have such nice clothes on?”  Is that a hidden question that really means, “Do they really need my help?  They don’t look poor!”  I don’t know, but here is the answer:  Compassion values the dignity of the poor.  What parent would want photos sent abroad of their child in rags, or in no clothing at all?  With flies on their face or distended bellies?  No one.  So they give them something nice to wear, at least for the photo, at least until they get a sponsor and are provided with a school uniform, along with all the other support they need.

photo 2

Also related to the dignity of the poor is giving them skills, talents, education, purpose, hope.  Did you know that Compassion strongly urges the development of talents such as art, music, sports, baking, martial arts and other interests?  You don’t want to miss this fun video, especially the scene of children learning how to surf in Brazil–priceless!:


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