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Here are some of the other blogs I enjoy reading.  They each have such an interesting emphasis and all have connections to Compassion as employees or sponsors.  My friend, Caitlin, one of Compassion’s musical artists, has discovered that she has a brain tumor that needs to be removed.  She is the most bubbly and positive person and will be updating her blog with news of her journey, which so far has been nothing but trust and deep faith, whatever the outcome.  Jill has been writing for Compassion in regard to families for several years now, and always has great posts about the ministry.  The Compassion blog is wonderful in that the writers come from all over the world, from the various countries we minister in.  It is my first source for news about the world of poverty.  The Mezey family (Compassion employees) have been writing about their unique son who was born with no legs and only one arm, and what an adorable little guy he is!  His progress and courage is amazing.  Finally, my friend Sarah has just been to Haiti and has begun writing about her experience there.  Although not on a Compassion trip this time, I believe their sponsorship and support of children in need helped pull them through the loss of their little girl from cancer at the age of 6 months.  Since her trip to Haiti Sarah has been writing about her emotional connection with mothers there.  I hope you enjoy and glean as much from these blogs as I do.

 Caitlin Jane’s Corner

Compassion Family

Compassion Blog

Courageously Enabled

Peanut Butter Jam








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