Up a Creek With Willy

We had the great pleasure of having Willy Ouma back in our town again recently.  Willy is a formerly sponsored Compassion child (and Leadership Development student) from Uganda who started Give Hope Ministries — a school and future orphanage in Busia, Uganda.  Having been rescued from poverty as an orphan himself, through caring and loving sponsors, he’s always been eager to reach out to help children facing the same trials.

We were blessed to be able to spend a few days with him here.  Chris, Jeremy and I took Willy up into the Big Horn Mountains for a hike.

2014-10-29 14.27.30_500

They certainly had me giggling the whole time.

2014-10-29 14.29.31_500

2014-10-29 14.30.33_500 9.27.47 PM

2014-10-29 16.31.21_500

2014-10-29 16.32.37_500

It was truly a pleasure and a riot to hang out with all of them!

2014-10-29 14.35.10_500

2014-10-29 16.09.39_500

We went along Clear Creek and found some fun rocks to explore.

2014-10-29 16.55.25_500

Chris made a great pose from the middle of a rock fortress.2014-10-29 16.54.11_500

Jeremy was experimenting with various musical and percussive sounds that he could make (and bounce off rocks) in various places.

2014-10-29 16.43.33_500

2014-10-29 16.43.22_500

Willy found out that mountain streams are very cold, even on a warm day.

2014-10-29 16.59.17_500

Thankfully, nobody fell in, although we came close.

2014-10-29 17.00.48_500

2014-10-29 17.01.19_500

We also went to Tie Hack, the dam and reservoir that provide water for our city.  There was a mysterious message left there by someone previously.  We would loved to have known the real story behind it.  Real or fake?  Sad or silly?

2014-10-30 10.30.53_500

2014-10-30 10.30.32_500

2014-10-30 10.34.08_500

What a fun day with these guys!  They’re all just absolutely wonderful!

2014-10-30 10.41.07_500

2014-10-29 16.57.19_500




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