Unbrushed Teeth

Who doesn’t love seeing kids perform in a Thanksgiving play?  I recently came across some holiday photos of our children when they were young.  I’m sharing some of them this week and today Jeremy is being featured.

This first picture is from a preschool program.


Here is the Kindergarten celebration.  Jeremy is right in the middle.


Finally, we have the traditional 2nd grade program.


Jeremy played the part of Miles Standish.  I recall that when I asked him to brush his teeth that morning he said, “No — Miles Standish was on the boat for several months and he didn’t brush his teeth!”  I think I said something like, “Fine, but go brush your teeth!”  I wish I had thought of a funny (and more creative) way to respond to him.  I hope I at least applauded him for really getting into the role he was playing!




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