One Thing

In my last post we thought about all the pain going on around our world.  In a book about Africa, Mma Ramotswe was thinking about the “vast human suffering” of the world.  In today’s quote, she narrows those thoughts down to the needs of children, as she observes the performance of a children’s choir:

After the meetings with the teachers, Mma Ramotswe made her way into the school hall, where the choirs were to perform.  Puso’s was on first, and she listened intently as they sang one of the songs that she remembered being taught as a girl, all those years ago, in Mochudi.  Then Motholeli’s choir came on and sang “Shall We Gather by the River?”  She knew that song and liked it. Soon we’ll reach the shining river.  She closed her eyes.  The voices of the children were pure; their hearts were pure.  Some of them had already discovered how hard life could be; others had yet to do so and probably did not fully understand what the world could be.  We wanted to protect them, she thought, of course we did, but we knew that we could not and they would have to deal with the disappointments and shocks of life as best as they could. All we could do was to give them that one thing that they could use to protect themselves from all of that.  At least we could do that.  That thing was love, of course.  [Alexander McCall Smith, The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon, pg. 181]

It’s so true that the one thing we can offer children in need is love — by way of our support, friendship, communication, prayers.  Are you interested in helping a child in Africa, Asia or South or Central America?  Please sponsor a child by clicking the link below and you will be giving a child the one thing they need:  love.



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