Freedom Trail

One of the fun things to do in Boston is to follow the pathway of the Freedom Trail.  I walked the entire route while Sarah was working during the day.  I love American history and this was exactly what I wanted to see.

2014-08-15 22.42.38_500

It was amazing to walk into the Old North Church.

2014-08-19 10.21.56_500

My favorite part of the church is the Newman window.  It is said that the Sexton, Robert Newman, used this window to escape from the church after displaying the signal lanterns on April 18, 1775 that sent Paul Revere on his famous midnight ride.

2014-08-19 12.22.53_500

I loved following the cobblestone streets of old Boston.

2014-08-19 11.57.39_500Part of the Freedom Trail goes past Paul Revere’s house, and I was able to tour the small building.  Isn’t it great to see?

2014-08-19 11.56.36_500

Here is the grave of Paul Revere himself at the Cranary Burial Ground.

2014-08-19 09.58.33_500

This one is said to be the grave of the original “Mother Goose.”

2014-08-19 10.13.23_500

I was pleased to see the old State House — scene of many famous incidents in American history:

  • site of the puritan’s stocks and whipping posts
  • earliest town market
  • seat of British royal government in Massachusetts
  • site of James Otis’ 1761 speech against the Writs of Assistance
  • 1770 Boston Massacre
  • 1776 first reading to Bostonians of the Declaration of Independence
  • 1789 visit of President George Washington

I’m thankful that historians rescued this building from demolition.

2014-08-19 10.54.50_500

2014-08-19 10.52.17_500

The final part of the Freedom Trail took me to Bunker Hill and to the 1797 USS Constitution–“Old Ironsides.”  What a wonderful journey through history!

2014-08-19 14.45.00_500

2014-08-19 14.42.38_500


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