Covered Bridges

While I was in Boston Sarah and I decided to go on a road trip through nearby Vermont and New Hampshire.  One of the first places we stopped was at Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory.

2014-08-16 19.25.30_500

2014-08-16 18.24.45_500

2014-08-16 19.14.22_500

It was so yummy!

2014-08-16 19.26.59_500

The main thing I was interested to see in this region was the covered bridges, which we tracked by GPS along our way.

2014-08-18 09.47.36_500

2014-08-18 10.31.51_500

2014-08-18 11.30.42_500

They really are quite different from one to another.

2014-08-18 14.37.43

2014-08-18 15.30.10

I didn’t realize it, but there really are dozens of these across the region — over 100 in Vermont alone.  They really are wonderful to see!


2 thoughts on “Covered Bridges

  1. Jill Foley says:

    I love Vermont…when we lived in Burlington, Stowe was a favorite place for us to go for the day, and we’d often stop at the Ben and Jerry’s factory. Did you know both of my girls were born in Vermont?

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