Sleeping Pods

We’ve done a lot of traveling, as you know, since our son is a commercial pilot.  It’s interesting flying on standby.  We’re flexible with our plans.  We carry everything on our backs.  We make plans about where we’d like to go (in this case, the Greek isles) but then we go where the flights are available and the weather is good (this time, to northern Italy).  It’s always interesting to see where we end up and what new adventure awaits us!

We flew into Munich since there were direct flights there from Houston.

2015-03-28 02.06.42_500

We were fascinated by the sleeping pods available for travelers at the airport, but did not use them.  We all had slept pretty well on our flight.

2015-03-28 09.00.08_500

2015-03-28 09.00.19_500

About all we saw of Germany was the airport.

2015-03-28 10.51.12_500

2015-03-28 10.51.41_500Unable to make flight arrangements to Greece, we jumped on a train instead and headed south through the beautiful countryside.  Chris had a great destination in mind for us in the Alps.  On the way, a German dinner on the train wasn’t too bad.

2015-03-28 12.35.04_500

2015-03-28 13.41.41_500



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