Leaving Italy On Standby

It always hard to say farewell to a country you enjoy visiting, but it was time to leave Rome and return to our jobs.  We had spent the night in a decent hotel with this on the breakfast buffet:

2015-04-03 02.25.14_500_500

We didn’t stay at expensive places the whole trip, but the breakfasts were certainly good.  Lots of home-baked goodies everywhere we went.

We made our way to the train station — it’s easy to purchase your tickets right there at a kiosk.

2015-04-03 02.44.24_500_500

2015-04-03 02.44.20_500_500

Then we were off to Leonardo Da Vinci Airport.

2015-04-03 03.39.52_500

Here are some of the sights on the beautiful flight out of Rome.

2015-04-03 11.18.34_500

2015-04-03 11.33.39_500

2015-04-03 11.35.59_500

2015-04-03 11.38.56_500

2015-04-03 11.42.46_500

Then — just for fun — Sarah took a photo of the paper where I had written down all our different options for getting home.  Flying on standby is always interesting.  You have to keep an eye on the flight loads to make decisions; you never know where you’re going, when you’ll get there, or whether (or how, or if) you’ll get back.  You just have to be flexible and open for any possibility!  That’s why we carried everything on our backs.  Thankfully, we all made it home in time for work!

2015-04-03 18.07.19

My next two posts will feature some of the photos Paul and I took on our college trip to Italy in the 70’s.




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