Peruvian Home

Another special treat on our child visit day with Mayra was visiting her home high up on a hill.  The one on the right is the home her father built.  He works as a bricklayer and has done a very good job with this home.

2015-09-09 11.30.33_500

Mayra noticed her little nephew watching us through the window, and didn’t miss the chance to interact with him.

2015-09-09 11.31.25_500

The interior of the home is very neat and simple.

2015-09-09 11.49.55_500

Mary’s room is very nice — with home-made bunkbeds and shelving for her school supplies.  She shares the bottom bunk with her little sister, and an older sister sleeps above.

2015-09-09 11.51.45_500

The home has running water that is supplied by a water tank outside.

2015-09-09 11.52.41_500

There’s a great view from the roof of the house, which has two more bedrooms and areas for working on laundry, as well as a chicken coop and pen for guinea pigs (which are eaten, not treated as pets).

2015-09-09 11.54.45_500

2015-09-09 11.58.59_500_500

Behind the house complex is a small shack (below) that her grandfather lives in, but we did not get to meet him because he (and her father) were working.

2015-09-09 11.58.40_500

We did have the privilege of meeting her mother, though — Dionysia — shy, sweet, grateful.

2015-09-09 12.04.56_500

2015-09-09 11.55.22-1_500

The lady to the left of Dionysia is Mayra’s tutor and aunt, who also works at the Child Development Center.  We also got to meet Mayra’s brother, Marlon, and his child, Jacob.

2015-09-09 12.12.01-1_500

I can’t express how very pleased I was to finally meet Mayra and her mother, and to be a guest in her home.  It was wonderful!

2015-09-09 12.13.43_500



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