Chris and Jose

Chris flew from Lima to Piura in order to meet his sponsored child, Jose.  It was a beautiful flight, with many mountains to see from the air.  Finally he arrived and met up with Jose, his mother (Ines) and the translator (Julio).

2015-09-10 05.02.31

Chris and Jose had been writing to each other for many years and were very excited to finally spend some time together.

2015-09-10 05.00.50

They were pleased to show him their house.

2015-09-10 03.27.09

This is the kitchen area out back.

2015-09-10 06.13.05

Chris brought a card game for them — Uno — and this is Jose’s brother, Jonathan, playing Uno with them.

2015-09-10 03.26.59_500

They had a lot of fun with this game.

2015-09-10 03.26.48_500

While at the house, Jose showed Chris all the letters he’d sent to him through the years.  Wow!  These are some of his most prized possessions.


Here is Jose with his mother, Ines.  I will tell more about their visit in the next post.



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