The Equator

Of course a trip to Quito must include a stroll along the equator.  The “Mitad del Mundo” is a beautiful site a few miles north of Quito, and is an important historical scientific site.

2015-09-06 10.22.53_500

Even the benches are beautiful.

2015-09-06 10.22.36_500

2015-09-06 10.28.42_500

You can go to the top of the tower to have a great view.

2015-09-07 06.18.55

2015-09-06 11.48.47_500

It’s fun to pose on the equatorial line, but because of the earth’s wobble, the equatorial line is described as “a strip about 5 kilometers wide that covers the equatorial valley called “Lulubamba”  (and thus, moves within that 5 kilometers).  But you have to take the photos when you’re there, so here they are, and they were lots of fun:

2015-09-07 06.20.03

2015-09-07 06.21.09

2015-09-06 09.29.02

The kids also managed to balance an egg on the end of a nail.  It wasn’t easy.  I couldn’t do it, but both of them were persistent and patient enough to do it.

2015-09-07 06.20.23

2015-09-06 11.08.45_500

We also saw some really cute llamas.

2015-09-07 06.21.35

Then we got back in the car and continued north of Quito towards our destination — Otavalo.  We stopped for the famous “bizochos” biscuits along the way.

2015-09-06 14.47.29_500

2015-09-06 14.48.37_500

Again, a drive across Ecuador is really beautiful.

2015-09-06 14.37.08_500


We passed the beautiful Imbabura volcano as we entered Otavalo.  The other two volcanos in this area are Cotacachi and Mojanda — all really beautiful to see.






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