Emotional Leaks

These are the final quotes from my “Word of the Year” notebook last year, regarding the word “Pain.”

…’emotional leaks’ cause fatigue and drain a person’s energy…an emotional leak is any area in which we are not fully trusting God…was my problem the waves themselves, or was it my reaction to the waves?  Were the pain and discomfort and tiredness I was experiencing caused by my circumstances I couldn’t control or by the leaks — the lack of trust — in those situations?  — Carole Mayhall, Lord of My Rocking Boat, pg. 97

God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, nor are they even like ours.  We aren’t even in the same neighborhood.  We’re thinking, “Preserve the body.”  He’s thinking, “Save the soul.”  We dream of a pay raise.  He dreams of raising the dead.  We avoid pain and seek peace.  God uses pain to bring peace.  “I’m going to live before I die,” we resolve.  “Die, so you can live,” He instructs.  We love what rusts.  He loves what endures.  We rejoice at our successes.  He rejoices at our confessions.  –Max Lucado, Grace for the Moment, 12/4


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